Premium quality abrasive belts and discs (cloth and paper backing) available in Aluminum Oxide (AO), Silicon Carbide (SIC), Zirconia (ZIRC), Ceramic and Non-Woven surface conditioning for different purposes.

Metal Polishing Shop
Specialized in blending and polishing products, available many compounds & polishing wheels for different steps of polishing resulting mirror-finish for high tempered metals such as stainless steel, providing super finishes before anodizing & chrome plating for non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum. Also, available products in order to re-polish an oxidized, rustic or weathered part such as wheels & rims.

Another successful division of True Grit Abrasives which specializes only in sanding products including but not limited to W/D sanding belts, W/D sanding discs, super finishing products in CORK materials available in belts & discs. Micron film products available in discs & sheets best used for more sensitive applications such as Fiber optics.

Flooring products 
Available for resurfacing & finishing hardwood floorings or even concrete floorings. Floor sanding discs different sizes up to 20 inches available Grits (P12, P16, P20, P24, P36, P60, P80, P100). Floor sanding screens also availble up to 20 inches Grit ranges (P60, P80, P120, P220, P320).

Ask our sales specialist team for recommended products that works best for each type of metal application.

True Grit Abrasives is the first and only abrasive belts and discs manufacturer in Florida since 1978.